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10 Stunning Indian Traditional Jewelry Trends

indian traditional jewelry trends
indian traditional jewelry trends
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Are you someone who loves Indian Traditional Jewelry? The charisma of the wedding season is all around. In India wedding season is a season of celebration and extravaganza.

One has the liberty to indulge in all kinds of luxuries that come along. Wearing the different type of jewelry is one such luxury.

An integral part of weddings; this luxury is for everyone and not just the bride. Everyone from the family to friends to the guest jewelry is for everyone.

But what trends to follow? Of late, there have been some that have caught the fancy of all women in general.
We have tried to pick the best to make you look the best. These are regular designs but have been modified to suit the needs and the taste of everyone.

Check out the list of different types of Indian traditional wedding jewelry below:

1. Multi layer Long Rani HaarsSome trends remain evergreen; they never fade out. Rather, they pass from generation to generation as a legacy. Rani Haar is one of those style jewelry pieces, multilayer long rani haars are so much in trend.
The fusion designs have hit the market with a combination of various metals and styles to create some breathtaking designs.
You may opt for kundan and pearl combo rani haar, gold and diamonds or even just multilayer chain haar will give you a royal look for your next function.

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2. Indian Chaand Baalis
Chaand baalis have come a long way. Of all the Indian traditional jewelry trends this displays simplicity, extravagance or fun, chaand baalis have become popular due to their versatility.

Chaand baalis offer numerous variations to suit and enhance the look of your choice of outfit. For instance, jhumka chaand baalis are seen going well with all the Indian attires, especially during a wedding season. They alone, are enough to make you look all dolled up.

Let your ears look more beautiful with this contemporary piece of jewelry.

Chandbali Earring

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3. Temple jewelry

One of the most magnificent types of Indian traditional jewelry is temple jewelry. Jewelry is worn only by the gods and goddesses until the 16th century is now worn by women at weddings, baby showers, temple pilgrimages and other such festivals.

Temple jewelry is now a popular form of bridal jewelry. Necklaces, chokers, chains, bangles, bracelets, rings, toe-rings, anklets all have a feel of exclusiveness to them.

You must read the traditional Indian jewelry history of temple jewelry. This type of jewelry is believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

temple Jewelry Set

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4. Passa

Worn on one side of the head, passa or jhoomar as it is often called makes a bride look heavenly. It is a jewel piece that takes you back to the Mughal era.

Passa is a trend that won’t fade away like a fad. It can be flaunted in various ways.
There are plenty of choices to pick from – gold, crystal, pearl, polka and many more. It all depends on what will suit your outfit.

passa jewelry, Indian Traditional Jewelry

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5. Cocktail rings

No ring can make a statement like a cocktail ring. This is the latest Indian jewelry style. What started as a jewel worn at the cocktail parties is now worn at many informal functions including family get-together.

It is a good option for those brides, who won’t like to adorn their hands with heavy jewelry covering the whole hand. Cocktail rings are made just for them.

An inexpensive jewel made up of not so expensive metal can be suited to match the color of the dress/design. cocktail rings are epitome for fusion of western style with Indian traditional jewelry style.

Though you can have cocktail rings of good quality metals and expensive gemstones, it comes with a hefty price available in diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

cocktail women ring, different type of indian jewelry

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6. Pearl jewelry

Indian traditional jewelry trends would be incomplete without pearl jewelry. Loved by women since long, this type of jewelry by far is the most feminine of all.

Whether made of natural or cultured pearls, pearl jewelry makes a bride look extremely different from regular brides.

Whether you wanna look classic or sleek and stylish, pearl jewelry is the right choice.
Dangling pearls are the hottest choice this wedding season.

pearl women kada, types of Indian wedding jewelry

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7. Trendy Matha Patti

Mathapatti accentuates the face of a bride and makes her look like a bride. Matha patti is an integral part of a bridal jewelry in some parts of the country, but others are catching up too.

A matha patti can be picked keeping in mind the shape of the face. So, irrespective of those who dissuade you by saying that it suits only a round face, believe me, there are plenty of designs and styles to suit every face shape.
One of the latest Indian jewelry styles is matha patti on one side of the forehead.

Fortunately, it isn’t confined to the bridal jewelry alone, any woman can wear it and on any wedding function.

mattha patti

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8. AD Mangalsutra

No Hindu wedding can be considered complete without a Mangalsutra that a husband ties around his wife’s neck.
Although traditionally a gold mangalsutra was tied, in the past decade or so diamond mangalsutras have become extremely popular. Unfortunately, diamonds aren’t for everyone.

It is only wise to opt for something that looks like diamonds but isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, American diamonds have become the next favorite.

AD mangalsutra is a nice replacement for the traditional gold mangalsutra and women today seem to love it more due the various shapes and sizes. Try AD mangalsutra.


AD Mangalsutra

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9. Hath phool

Hath phool is jewelry for the hands. Worn on the back side of the hands, it completes the bridal look beside being decorated with intricate henna designs.

A hath phool may be connected via a single chain to one of the fingers and then the wrist or all the fingers including the thumb.

You can always pick your style that varies from kundan to polki to others. Simple single chain variables can be worn by anybody, while fuller designs are worn by brides only.

kundan hath phool

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10. Kundan Jewelry

Kundan is believed to have taken birth in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Some of the best artisans are still based in these two states in India.

The jewelry comprises sparkling glass stone of various colors set in gold.Most brides love wearing this on their special day. Heavy chokers make a bride look complete.

While other types of jewelry may require layering, a single kundan choker alone completes the look of a bride and is favorite Indian Traditional Jewelry for their special day.

kundan choker necklace

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Final thoughts

The different types of jewelry explained above are timeless but are now setting trends. The designs so evolved keeping in mind the need of today’s women without losing the essence of the traditional art differentiates the above-elaborated jewelry pieces from the rest.

The best part about these is that they can be worn by any women – from the bride to bridesmaid, from the mother of the bride to the guests except for the mangalsutra which is just for the bride.

Get any of this Indian Traditional Jewelry and enjoy the  Indian wedding!!! Share your experience or suggestions in the comments below. We love to hear from you.


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