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15 Dreamy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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List of unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Still looking for Valentine’s Gifts for Her?? You have landed right page. Love is in the air these days. For lovers, it is the month of celebration. Aren’t you celebrating yet? Of course, you are and we need not ask you this.

Celebrating the day is celebrating life with your partner in crime for life. In this article, you will have plenty of ideas. Your lady is expecting a gift and she deserves it too for all the love, care and affection she has been showering on you all through.

Well, there are some run of the mill gift ideas. Forget those, she knows about them. Gift her something she cannot think of. This will make the day even more special and memorable for you two. Secretly she is also planning something for you.  Just surprise her with your gift/plan on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Let us help you in deciding what gifts to buy for her on Valentine’s Day this year. The list is slightly longer, be patient. The best are usually hidden in between. Find out the one you think she would love having and cherishing for life from Valentine’s list.

1)  24K Gold plated Rose

Now which woman wouldn’t love to receive a 24K Gold Plated Rose from her beloved? None, right? This 24K gold plated rose will go down the memory lane, something your wife will treasure for the rest of her life. It is one of the perfect gifts you can buy for her on Valentine’s Day.

It lasts longer than you can imagine. The lady can either preserve this away in her closet or choose to display it to the world, later on. It would look great either ways.  An expression of love and gratitude, a gold plated rose is what promises to deepen the love between you two.

An added advantage is that it is hypoallergenic. The gold won’t lose its sheen symbolizing that the love between you two would also remain shining like the rose petals.  Not to forget you will get a certificate too, of its authenticity.

Remember, the leaves and the rose petals are made with 24-karat gold foil. Scape is gold plated too.

15 Dreamy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

2) Personalized gifts

There is nothing better than gifting her something which makes her feel your love instantly. There is nothing comparable to a personalized gift when it comes to setting the mood for a romantic evening. Make her feel that she is that special person in your life.

You can get creative and build a beautiful memory. A few ideas include unique romantic picture frames, canvas prints, photo albums, wall art, special message, pillows, and valentine mugs with their names on them. Keepsake gifts like a message, photos and poems would make it even more special.

A lot of online shopping websites sell personalized gifts these days and also help in creating personalized Valentine’s gifts for her. The gifts have a lasting impression not just in your memories, but also the way they are made. Love needs that kind of definition – a personalized one. Isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


3) Online Shopping cards

It is not hidden and can never be. Women love shopping and receiving online shopping cards. Do you think there is anything else she would like? I don’t think so. It will be the best Valentine’s gift for her. You would witness this on her face.

A shopping card can fetch her anything she likes. It can be apparels, accessories, gadgets, home appliances, shoes, and everything she may like. Believe me, she will definitely pick up something for you as well. And turn it out as Valentine’s gift for you.

The advent of e-commerce sites has made this even more interesting both for the businesses and the customers. Henceforth, the online shopping cards have made the life of many fruitful and fun.

So while gaining gifts, you will get rewards too. It’s a win-win situation for both. Not to forget you are doing this on the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

4) Smart-watch

Gift your smart woman a smart-watch. It is the smartest gift you can give her. She would love it.

But why a smart-watch? A smart-watch is what will make her life easy. It will help her move her focus towards her health. She can keep a watch on her heartbeat, her daily steps and her sleep which will automatically transform into good health and a good looking wife/partner.

A smart watch is often considered a masculine gift but that’s not true. There are so many models and so many variations available. You will find one piece for your lady too.

Since the wrists of women are thinner as compared to men, many different companies have started designing smart watches for the women.

Huawei, Samsung, Moto, Pebble, Apple, Fossil, Nokia, Michael Kors, LG, Hugo Boss, etc. have beautiful smart watches and we bet these are the most gorgeous gifts for her on Valentine’s Day. Gift her one!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

5) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera  (Raspberry)

This cute looking camera would not be turned down by your wife in any case. With so many color options such as white, blue, pink, yellow, black you would seriously find it difficult to decide which one would look good on her.

She would forget her smartphone as this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera (Raspberry) captures and then gives a print out just in seconds. The feeling of holding a picture in your hands is noncomparable to the innumerable selfies and other picture you might have taken till now.

They are extremely light and can be taken anywhere with you while traveling. Your lady would love to have such a wonderful gift that provides her an opportunity to preserve her memories in the printed form in her hands. She can use it in different ways.  A picture can be taken in low light as well.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

6) Ladie’s fragrance

Hmm. Women love fragrances. Men too love women who smell good, isn’t it so? It is not difficult to decide the fragrance that would be loved by her. Just put a little emphasis on your brain. Another addition to her collection of fragrances would be overwhelming for her.

In fact, she would prefer a fragrance over flowers. Fragrances last longer than flowers. Flowers will dry up and won’t look good after a while but a fragrance will make her not only smell good but enhance her personality in more ways than one. Pick soft fragrances than sharp ones.

Don’t forget, it will remind her of you every time she will open the bottle. Eventually, this will help in strengthening the bond between you two.  You know your lady; find one that will compliment her personality. Make your woman smell good and stand apart from the rest with your Valentine’s gift for her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

7) Fashion accessories

Women love accessorizing their bodies since a long time. They love experimenting with their looks and should. Enhancing one’s looks is good and appreciated.

No doubt then accessories are a woman’s best friend. From hair to toes, there are an array of accessories that come laden with promises to enhance her overall appearance.

Markets are inundated with fashion accessories and the choices are as many as you can think of. As a man, it might be difficult for you to choose one, but don’t worry. Women love accessories and your lady would love anything you will gift her.

Fashion Accessories have a lot of choices to make from – simple to jazzy to minimalist. You can buy any at any place at a price that suits you the most. Pearl bracelets, beaded bracelets, cuffs, and bangles are usually loved by every girl.

Still confused, ask her friends what she is looking for and then buy her that. Adorn her with beautiful fashion accessories gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

8) Wireless headphones

She may have lost hers or is craving for a particular brand, the reason could be any. If she has made such an indirect demand recently, you are certainly sorted for the Valentine’s Day. Gift her headphone she wants and trust me she is going to love you even more.

Your woman could be a music lover, a running expert, a gym lover, or just a netizen, she would love a wireless headphone.

You can make a choice between wireless, sports, noise canceling and more kinds of headphones. Pick one you think she would love to have as per her choice and interest – in the ear, on the ear or around the ear with some extra features.

She wouldn’t have to worry about it getting entangled in her bag and breaking.  So she can go about doing her daily chores without worrying about the wire getting stuck here and there.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

9) Saregama Carvaan Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker  

Does it seem odd? Think again. Gifting something different will make it even more special. Your music lover lady would love this addition in her life and would cherish it forever. It is that one gift which would take her into the world of more than 80 stations and 5000 songs.

From legends to the new breed of singers, Saregama Carvaan Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker has all the classic songs loaded into it. Spawning from romance, sad, sufi, ghazal, spiritual, classical, Hindustani, instrumental to more, it has everything your lady will love. Geetmala by Ameet Sayani is cherry on the cake.

It comes in five different shades – charcoal grey, electric blue, walnut brown, oakwood brown, and porcelain white. It is lightweight which implies that you can install it anywhere and then listen to the music anytime. You can even carry it along with you.

The new and advanced technology means that you get a USB, Bluetooth, FM radio and rechargeable battery with it. Can you think of a better gift for a music lover woman? We can’t, at least.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

10) Chocolate n toys combos

Every woman has a little girl within her and that little girl loves chocolates. PMSing or otherwise, women don’t need a reason to have a chocolate anytime, anywhere. But do remember, she has personal favorites.  You must know it…gift it to her. If you don’t know yet (as your relationship could be new), then ask her close girlfriends.

Chocolates come in different shapes and sizes. Different brands offer something different, grab them. And even better it is when you combine it with toys.

Soft toys are the best emotive gifts you can give to her on the Valentine’s Day. The adorable, comforting, little toys emote romance and devotion. Combine it with chocolates and it becomes one of the perfect Valentine’s  gift for her.

There are plenty of choices in toys, especially teddies. Don’t miss the chance of grabbing them today.

The combo is your way of saying “I love you” to her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


11) Valentines lingerie

Romantic with a sensuous touch. Have you had a look at the latest designs? Take a gander. The collection has varied styles and silhouettes to choose from.

No matter how many your lady has, one more pair of lingerie won’t overcrowd her collection. She would love it when gifted by you.

You can buy bralettes with deep necklines and a g-string thong. Babydoll sets as they are popularly called come with flirty patterns and actually reveal a lot of skin. Sheer ones add immense sensuality to the lady.

Satin lingerie is also beautiful. She might prefer this too as it can be used as nightwear. Fur and lace make a woman look lot more beautiful. Do not choose what she may like, buy one that you like. She will love to wear lingerie of your choice. Making it Valentine’s gift for her is what makes it more special and memorable.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

12) Naughty cards

Get naughty. There is nothing more romantic than adding a spice of naughtiness. It jazzes up the romance between you too. What is romance without any naughtiness if you aren’t able to frame one? Buy naughty cards to help you in the quest for having a different gift with a twist?

Examples: “You liked this envelope, You should have seen me, It was sexy as fuck!”

“ I daydream about you (inappropriately).”

“You are in my appropriate thoughts”.

Get naughtier than this. We didn’t because we want you to do that for your lady.

Message them or buy a few cards and pack them as a gift. Imagine the reaction on her face while reading them. Buy them for seeing those reactions on her face. The moment will go down memory lane.

Naughtiness is the mantra this year. Don’t forget it.

13) Combo t-shirt

A lovely combo on Valentine’s Day. It would be so nice when you can wear clothes that tell the world you belong to one another. Some examples like “LO” and “VE”, “I Love Her” and “I love him”, “Made For” and “Each Other”, Forever” and “Forever”, “Hubby” and “Wifey”,  “Be Mine” And “Be Mine”, “I Love You” and “I Love You Too”, or have your names inscribed on your t-shirts.

Look for more designs online. It is beautiful. Show your love with combo t-shirts. Wear them when you both venture out together on Valentine’s Day. Let your love paint the town and have a memorable day.

As Valentine’s Day isn’t for young, it is for every one of all ages, the t-shirt message can be planned. How? From lovers to married to parents – this can go throughout your life. Plan your Valentine’s Day today, it is going to be celebrated all life.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

14) Surprise holiday

Nothing like it. Take her somewhere where you too could spend a lot of time just with one other away from the hustle bustle of work and relationships. The scenic beauty of the place will make your mind relax and enjoy the moment to the hilt.

A getaway is not only relaxing but also a means to come closer. Holidays have always proved to be means of staying in close conjunction. Irrespective of the place, a holiday is a perfect gift for her on Valentines. She will cherish it for having been planned on a special day when everyone around seems to be celebrating life and love.

So take on the challenge of making this Valentine an experience of a lifetime, gift her and yourself a holiday – a surprise for her though. Make memories, make your bond stronger and live it to the fullest.

Stay there for a day or two or even more- whatever suffices you.

15) Designer Net Saree (let her look hot)

Indian women love saree and net saree have something special about them. Women have always romanticized the idea of net saree, mostly taken from the Bollywood movies. There is something very sensuous and special about them.

It is not going to be easy but then we know you can do it. We have already solved the puzzle by selecting the fabric which is the most difficult part of the procedure. Pick trending designs, check online rather than trusting the shopkeeper. For colors, trust your instinct. Trust me, girls like soft colors, though you may go with your choice too.

See the sheer joy on her face when you gift her net saree. Ask her to wear it in the evening. She will look hot and you will be responsible for enhancing her look. You too can wear some Indian to make the evening even more memorable for both of you.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

In conclusion

Valentine’s Day is just not a day, it is a reminder telling you that there is a long life ahead of you waiting to be explored and lived with love. We sincerely hope that you have made up your mind regarding the gift. We also hope the lady in your life loves it and both of you enjoy this day filling it with love and joy. The foundation of which will be laid today. Celebrate each day with love.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to both of you!

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