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About Us

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Welcome to my blog all!!!!!
I am Deepika Samant, consider myself as a lifestyle blogger and loves to pen down about all I admire and
feel worth sharing.
Passionate about writing, I decided to use my talent to contribute a little to society by starting this blogs
and writing on topics that we all can gossip about on a coffee table. Yeah..... That gives it the name
I am addicted to reading, I mean reading anything online all the time, have even subscribed to many
Indian lifestyle bloggers, best fashion blogs and even blogs publishing political news and health n
wellness posts.
You may consider my blog as an Indian lifestyle blog or Indian health blog or Indian fashion blog, hardly
matters but one thing is assured you will get to read really interesting topics that will relate to you in
either way.
From fashion to traveling and from career to parenting, this blog will make you guys come back to read
more. I am sure this lifestyle blog will have a deep impact in your life sometime.
I will keep trying to write something useful for you and really appreciate if you share your experience or
give feedback on posts, those will help me in improving my work.
If you would like to involve in this blog in any way just get in touch with me @
Keep reading, love you all!!!