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The Process of Ayurvedic Detoxification For Your Skin

skin detoxification
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You might have heard or read numerous times about detoxing juices and food for your body, right / but this concept is quite broader than what you have been known about… YES….. Believe it, Ayurvedic detoxification could be done to individual body parts. In this article let me write about detoxifying your skin.

In Ayurveda ‘Detoxification refers to drawing toxins out of your body’ through various techniques, it is internal cleaning of your body. ‘Panchkarma’ is the mainstream in Ayurveda followed for complete detoxification of your body.

According to Ayurveda, there are 2 types of detoxification processes:

  • Self detox
  • Detox supervised by an expert

Selection of process depends on the severity of your problem, as we are discussing skin detoxification in this article, there are many self-detox options for this.

skin detoxification panchkarma

There is a misconception about consuming toxins only through smoking and drinking, whereas we intake toxins in various and almost every way, i.e. we breathe in pollution, we eat unhealthily, frozen food, chemical ready soft drinks, instant foods, and the list goes on, over a period of time this will surely taxing on your body.

I wouldn’t preach a lecture on changing food habits in a day or I am not gonna count on benefits of being vegetarian, eating fresh food or going for organic/farm foods etc. but if you are serious about detoxifying you have to change your food habits.

I know it doesn’t even sound interesting if someone forces you to switch over other choices, but it is one of the pre-requisite of the detoxifying process, otherwise, nothing is gonna give you results.

Skin and hair problems are something very common to era these days; every second person is facing some related issues. Instead of transferring huge amounts to Dr.’s pocket; it’s better to take little timely prevention on your own, so as to avoid any big health issue. DETOXIFICATION is the name of prevention.

Few Ayurveda tips before you start

    • Never mix opposite nature food, this cause indigestion and definitely will slow down metabolism.
    • Try to avoid fried food, canned food, frozen food, processed sugar, excessive salt and processed food.
    • Add fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouts, natural juices in your routine diet.
    • Be regular with exercise, if not heavy then yoga, morning walk, skipping, whatever you can easily do but do adhere to exercise routine.
    • Avoid over-eating instead, have 4-5 meals of small portions in a gap of 3 hrs.
    • Make drinking water a habit, room temperature or Luke warm water, better to avoid cold or iced water special after your workout or when you are coming in-door from sun heat.
    • 1 glass of after every hr. make it a thumb rule, you may also set reminders on your watch, on mobile or laptop of whichever gadget you have continued access to, I actually do the same.
    • Better to quit smoking and drinking, a smoker has more wrinkles on the face if compared to the non-smoker of the same age.
    • Take at least 6-7 hrs of sleep, a good sleep is required to recharge body internally. A bad or less sleep may cause, dark circles, headaches, fatigued body.
    • Don take a hot shower or tub bath, excessively hot water washes out the skin oils resulting in skin dryness or cracked skin.quit-smoking for skin detoxification

    Let’s discuss few home remedies for detoxifying your skin that will be safe and pocket-friendly.  There are many ways to detox your skin inside out.

      • Apple cider vinegar: it is acidic in nature and this helps in rejuvenating your skin internally by fading away any blemishes and healing and cracked skin. Just 2 spoon of apple cider vinegar with water ensure your healthy and glowing skin. This vinegar also has many other health benefits like improving metabolism, losing calories, shiny hair etc.
      • Green smoothies: the most common and best solution to detoxifying, it includes lots of green vegetables i.e. kale, spinach, coriander, green apple, mint etc. you can decide greens and their proportions according to your taste buds, start with one glass and stretch up to 2-3 glasses per 3-4 days of the week.
      • Raw and fresh juice: this may include vegetable or fruit juice, single or a mix of 2-3 variants, if possible replace one-time diet with a big glass of raw juice.
      • Green tea:  known for its antioxidants properties, regular consumption of green tea helps in improving skin texture, hair growth, metabolism and losing weight. 2 cups per day are good to keep in your routine; one may also opt for green tea extracts.
      • Honey n oatmeal scrub: can be used on daily basis to keep your skin fresh n all day glowing, honey will cleanse and moisturize skin whereas oatmeal will work as an exfoliating agent, the continuous use of this scrub will lighten any blemishes and will make your skin look fresh and soft.
    • Steaming: one of the ancient and proven techniques of keeping skin healthy is steaming, which helps in opening of pores and a thorough clean up, which will result in no chance of clogged pores thus avoiding pimples and acne formation.
    • Salt: common table salt has uncommon medicinal properties of being used as antiseptic, antibacterial and can be used as cleaning agent too, mix few drops of olive oil and salt and rub it on your skin then wash with tap water, it will give a fresh look to your skin.


    Ayurvedic-detox-diet, smoothies

    DETOXIFYING remedies not just improves your skin n hair health but it also helps in boosting energy level, improves metabolism, decreases allergies by escalating your immunity, improves mental health and concentration, keeping your liver healthy and improves digestion etc.

    Concluding this write up I would again like to emphasize that detoxifying your skin is a collective activity of having good food habits, cleansing skin internally and also taking care of it externally as well.

  • Hope you might have got some ideas or solution to your problem, do share your experience and suggestions in comments below.—————————————————————————————————————————————–

    The sole purpose of this article is to provide basic information about the treatments of Ayurveda. It is advisable to confirm n consult with an expert health professional before using any of these as a solution to your problem if you have any acute or chronic health issues.  Check with your physician before taking any herbs or kitchen ingredients when pregnant or nursing.

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