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Ripped Jeans – The Popular Destroyed Trend

women ripped jeans
women ripped jeans, torn jeans, destroyed jeans
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Ripped, shredder, destroyed, distressed, rugged or damaged, whichever never you are acquainted with, the fact is ripped jeans are very much in for both men and women styling.

Most of the fabric can be ripped including, cotton, denim, jersey etc.  Regardless of colors and prints. To give this ripped thing more loud statement for fashion shows or celebrities parties, designer use sequins, glittery material to make these more eye catchy.

Very much in trend

Back in the 20th century it might have called wear and tear of one’s denim and you mom had never allowed you to wear it while going but HELLO!!! We are in the 21st century and these are something which can get you effortlessly trendy looks.

torn jeans for women

Types of Ripped Jeans

The style is named ‘Ripped’ but there are various types of cuts that could give different look and feel to your overall looks. Let’s enlist these types;

  • Hole: a cut which creates a window in your jeans, it looks best if done horizontally.
  • Shredding: seems like fabric has been torn out nut threads are still in cuts to cover your skin. It gives looks of like wear n tear of old denim.
  • Scrapes: small scratches made on the upper surface of denim, not many efforts done to make cuts or hole.

women ripped jeans

Rip Placement

The trend started with a slight cut or shredding at the knee, but lately, it took all over the legs, huge cuts means huge drama and loudness in your looks. small cuts are good for those, who love to be trendy but in a safe manner.

The scrapes are good to be placed anywhere on jeans as they wouldn’t expose your skin at all but be careful while picking a denim having cuts and shredding.

Holes and shredding show be rightly done on the thigh are below that it could be pretty safe at any point.

Rip count

Though there is no thumb rule for the number of rips or cuts in your denim, for trendy looks, small cuts and shredding look quite bearable fashion style. 2 or 3 number of rips seems ok, more cuts and shredding wouldn’t look ugly but it will give you some rebel kind of looks.

scrape style destroyed jeans

Available all over physical and online stores

The stunning fact is these are not much costlier than normal denim, and the fun fact is they steal fabric as well as money from your pocket.

You can get these jeans all over the market, and even at online stores, I have seen a good variety of torn jeans in various online stores like at Amazon, eBay or you may opt to buy ripped jeans online at Flipkart or you can take this as ‘DIY project’ for you.

women ripped jeans

I personally suggest making you ripped jeans by following any ‘DIY tutorial’, instead of paying a huge amount for buying this style. You can get to see many YouTube tutorials for giving different styles of torn jeans for women.

Every brand has launched its own range of ripped denim for both men and women, you can grab from brand retail stores or online shopping stores.

Share your views and ideas in the comments below, let us all know how do you feel about this style.


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