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How working in Night Shift affects your life

Night shifts health tips
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How working Night Shift affects your life

Night Shifts’ sound way more lucrative as compared to normal day working hours in many aspects be it salary, productivity, office environment, no traffic, pick n drop, food, etc. Sadly, night shift affects your life. Like every story has two sides, night shifts are no different, they too have their pros and cons, and bad news is cons outweigh pros by a huge number.

Sleeping during the day when the world outside is awake is not only difficult but challenging too. There are so many problems that erupt when you work at night. Initially, you are unable to sleep during nights on your night offs.

This is just one; night shift problems vary from person to person.

Read on to know more…

Affect on personal life

When one works at night, he/she is not able to enjoy numerous simple joys of life like having the last meal of the day with the family. Usually, a family dines together not just to have food, but unwind in each other’s company.

Supper is the time to forget and release daily stress and merry around. A person who works at night won’t be able to enjoy these simple pleasures of life.


Yes, it may sound a bit scary, but unfortunately cannot be denied. So, is night shift bad for your health? It definitely is. Your health suffers a lot. All your life you had been sleeping at night and stay awake during the daylight. With night shifts, it would become different. You work at night and sleep like an owl when the world would go about their daily chores.

Night shift affects your life

Speaking factually, no one can have a sound sleep during the day. One faces numerous distractions in the house. Though you are lying on the bed, other members aren’t.

Night shift affects your life as well as your partner/family members too as they are living a normal life, going out and about their daily chores.

This throws the circadian rhythm (biological clock) out of order thereby enhancing the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Circadian rhythm regulates sleep and eating time.

Metabolism also gets affected. Night shifts lower the metabolism eventually leading to obesity.

Lack of sleep and trying to compensate for unusual hours causes a spike in blood sugar levels, a sign of type 2 diabetes. These diseases are responsible for making one’s lifespan short.


Night shifts can lead to depression. It is one of the gravest effects of night shifts on mental health. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health support this. According to them, night shifts and depression are correlated.

A study determined the correlation between night shift and major depressive disorder while working as well as after that. The rate of MDD was found relatively high.

Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to depression. Long-term use makes one more vulnerable.

Breast Cancer

Night shift affects your life if you are a woman in a bad way. Working at night makes you susceptible to breast cancer. It has been suggested by a study in Environmental Health Perspective Journal. According to the study, artificial light blocks the tumor suppressor hormone in women. These night shifts can hence lead to breast cancer.

Night shift affects your life

Effects on social life

Night shifts equal to unsocial hours. You would be dying to catch some rest in the form of sleep when the whole world is busy catching up with friends over coffee, lunch or brunch.

When people would be partying and enjoying life, you would be working like an owl.

The night owl that you would become is definitely going to miss the late night drives and hang out with friends. After all, who doesn’t like it?

A social life is important to live a life where your mind is in harmony with the body. This additionally has an effect on mental health. Socializing and mental health are deeply co-related.

Effects on love life

It’s really immense, more than one can imagine. Relationships break due to lack of time and intimacy. Nigh shifts may not be as delirious for those who are living in together but is certainly for those who aren’t.

Live in couples can still find some quality time but not others.

Lovers living separately have to make a special effort to meet. They either take time off from work just to meet or make one. But as a person on night shifts, you have to compromise on sleep to meet during the day.

Due to sleep deprivation, you aren’t completely attentive and may avoid intimacy too.

This leaves the other partner feeling rejected or not loved enough straining your relationship. Eventually, you do take out time but it isn’t spent well.

Effects of night shift on marriage

Effects of night shift on marriage

Night shift affects your life differently if you are married. Couples feel the stress more. They miss the intimacy they can have by sleeping together at night. When one is out working and the other is at home, it’s difficult for him/her to deal with loneliness. Women get affected more, they might even develop depression.

A healthy marriage demands time together. There are instances where one is found to leave his/her social life just to be with the other person. This makes both the married partners lose on having a healthy social life.

A parent to loses the fun of spending time with the child. The child, on the other hand, turns angry/annoyed when he feels neglected and not having enough time with the parent. Couples having school going children would miss them badly giving rise to a guilty feeling.

Summing up

Well, night shifts may sound attractive with all the perks that come along, but don’t forget the cons. Money is important, but so are relationships, health, and life. Make a wise decision keeping all the above pointers in mind. A hasty decision may make you regret later. Don’t let that happen in any case.

A fine balance between work and life is important. So, if you do decide work at night, make sure it doesn’t affect you badly. A few years are fine but don’t dedicate your whole life to night shifts.

Also, frequent shifts between day and night lead to Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Don’t do that to you.

I hope you’ve had ample Night shifts health tips now. Memorize them.

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